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Weather is always a factor in sports, know when it's The Factor for your Fantasy Sports Teams, Games of Interest, Tailgating and Road Trips!

  • Sort and follow extreme weather games with high winds, extreme temperatures, high rain chances or any combination of weather factors you choose to incorporate into your strategy.

  • Hour by hour forecasts 10-days from Gameday include temperature, wind speed and direction, sky conditions and precipitation chances for hours leading up to, during, and immediately following games.

  • Track forecasts for specific games of interest in any available sport.

  • Daily notifications for team and game forecasts and for your custom weather analytics.

  • Access Gameday Sky News featuring analysis of weather conditions for key matchups and games/events with potential weather issues.

  • Access to weather forecasts, climate data, and schedules for all sports and events within the 10 day forecast period

  • Gameday Radar for ALL GAMES and TOURNAMENTS




Gameday Sky

The Only Weather App Built for Sports Fans!

Weather Watch Feature

Create your own custom weather analytics. Filter weather conditions using your custom strategy.

Track games with forecasts that fit your parameters.


Filter games by temperature, wind speed, precipitation chances, heat index, wind chill, and humidity....or a combination of weather conditions!


Receive daily notifications of forecast changes or new games that fit your custom weather watch.


Filter games by all major sports available in Gameday Sky.

Team Watch Feature

Team Watch allows you to easily follow weather forecasts for your favorite teams from all sports available in Gameday Sky.

Follow Unlimited Teams. For Fantasy Sports, you can track teams from your roster and set up notifications for high wind games, high rain chances, or extreme temperatures. 

For fans, planning tailgate festivities and road trips has never been easier with specific forecasts, radar and climate data in the palm of your hand.

Detailed Forecasts for Every Game

Track Game Forecasts and Conditions


Hour by Hour Forecasts Beginning 10 Days from Gameday


In-game Radar and Current Conditions on Gameday


Track Temperature, Wind Speed and Direction, Sky Conditions, and Precipitation Chances


Climate Data Including High and Low Averages and Average Precipitation