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Don't look to the sky for your Gameday Weather. Track the Factor that can make the difference this fall.

September 3, 2017

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On GameDay, weather is always a Factor.

Now know when it’s The Factor.


Rain or shine, high winds or cold temperatures, weather makes a difference when it’s game time. GameDaySky, is the only App available that tracks weather for all major sports, teams and games with custom weather analytics and game day radar.


The custom Sports & Weather App allows you to not only track the forecast for your team, it gives you the ability to zero-in on games with specific weather factors.  Heavy rain chances in the forecast? GameDay Sky helps you determine ahead of time how that’s going to play into your plans.


Not only can you use GameDay Sky to plan the perfect tailgate, the custom weather analytics make it possible to gauge how the weather will hit your Fantasy Team.

In the stands, on the field or in your Fantasy line-up, weather matters.


“No other app allows you to monitor forecasts for unlimited teams, unlimited games and filter games for extreme conditions that affect performance on the field, said Jon Mason, Meteorologist and Founder of Weather Life Inc., which developed the one-of-a-kind App. “We see sports fans creating their own custom analytics, for example, for NFL games with 40% or greater rain chances and winds above 10mph, then tracking these games days in advance of game time, helping them develop strategies for fantasy sports and games of interest. “


Research shows that on field weather conditions do make a difference in outcomes. On field performance, play calling, turnovers and scoring all experience statistically significant changes given certain weather conditions*. For example high temperatures and humidity tend to lead to lower scoring games and reduced rushing performance. Outcomes are also statistically influenced by wind and rain.  


Gameday Sky provides 10-Day Forecasts for NFL, College Football, MLB, PGA, NASCAR and European/MLS Soccer.


Just in time for Football Season, GameDay Sky is now available on the App Store and Google Play. Users get access to Unlimited Features and All Games.


Find out more at www.gamedaysky.com


*Richard Borghesi, “Weather Biases in the NFL Totals Market” Texas State University

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